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Temple Kalyaneshwari

Kalyaneshwari temple (Bengali:) at Kalyaneshwari in Asansol subdivision of Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal is located on the banks of Barakar River, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) downsream from Maithon Dam of Damodar Valley Corporation. The Barakar River forms the West Bengal-Jharkhand border. It is about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from Barakar on Grand Trunk Road and about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) off the recently constructed NH 2 by-pass.

Kalyaneshwari is a 500-year old centre of Shakti worship. Legend has it that human sacrifices were offered at Kalyaneshwari in the remote past. The present temple, however, is not very old and was constructed by Panchakot Raj. The temple of Goddess Kalyaneshwari is believed to fulfill the wishes of childless women.[




Maithan Dam

The Maithon Dam (Hindi: ) is located at Maithon, 48 km from Dhanbad, in the state of Jharkhand. It is 15,712 ft (4,789 m) long and 165 ft (50 m). high.

This dam was specially designed for flood control and generates 60,000 kW of electric power. There is an underground power station, the first of its kind in the whole of South East Asia. The dam is constructed on the Barakar River. The lake is spread over 65 square kilometres (25 sq mi).






Garpanchkot in West Bengal is situated near the Panchet Dam on the boarder of Bardhaman district and Jharkhand. This isolated, quiet and serene valley resonates with the melodious chirping and call of different variety of birds. Alongside nature�s amazing beauty, Garpanchkot is also a testimonial to a rich ancient historical heritage.




Panchet Dam

Panchet Dam was the last of the four multi-purpose dams included in the first phase of the Damodar Valley Corporation. It was constructed across the Damodar River at Panchet in Dhanbad district in the Indian state of Jharkhand, and opened in 1959


Bhander Hill

Bhander Hill 100 to 150 ft from Hotel Shantinivas is a exciting place with  few temples on the peak






Deer Park,Millenium Park

Other Site Scenes are Deer Park,Millenium Park etc



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